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All-in-one Decentralized social platform that brings together the power of Seamless messaging, P2P Transaction, Crypto investment and Community forums, all within a single platform.


9 weeks








Product Designer

UX Researcher

Interface Designer


Competitior Analysis

Market Research

Design Research

User Story

Task Flow

Wireframe & Prototype

Mobile UI Design


Involved in creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) aligned with the project's vision.

During the product design process, I conducted through research in the discovery phase, focusing on technology, business, market, and growth.

By analyzing market trends and user insights through Competitor research and Market analysis, we identified gaps in the market and defined the Value proposition for our initial MVP. Armed with this understanding, we proceeded to design the foundational features of our product.

1.1 Problem Space

Cryptocurrency is decentralized and uses blockchain technology to record transactions and create new units. However, using cryptocurrency for transactions can be challenging for small businesses and consumers due to complex trading systems and price fluctuations.

Users often struggle to grasp complex concepts related to crypto, leading to knowledge gaps and uncertainties. These gaps and uncertainties act as barriers, discouraging people from entering the world of crypto.

1.2 Business Goals

1.3 Key Features


Secure and Confidential communication

Use end-to-end encryption to protect user messages and payment from third parties.


Trusted and Reliable platform for Crypto

Safely store, buy, send and receive cryptocurrencies in our in-app wallet.


Foster Creator Economy in Web3

Provide a platform for users to express their thoughts, share information, and engage in conversations.

1.4 Competitier Analysis

I created a comprehensive Feature Comparison table using Google Sheets, where I compared eight similar products in the same industry across two main categories: Decentralization and Comprehensiveness.

In this table, I included both visible and invisible features, encompassing everything developers need throughout the entire development process, whether or not users directly interact with them. The goal is to allowed for a detailed analysis of features from start to end, ensuring a through understanding of the product landscape.

Essential and significant features will be captured and serve as a reference for our MVP.

1.5 Market Research

Research and reports play a crucial role in helping us determine the ideal market for our product. They provide insights such as which countries are most suitable for our product or which generation of users base we should target.



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1.5 Product-Market Fit

2.1 HMW questions

How might we

Create a better user experience in crypto transaction for social adoption?

How might we

Increase the comprehensiveness of the product without making it more complicated?

How might we

Build a Community and membership system between end users with interactive features?

How might we

Assure users of our solution’s security and transparency?

2.2 Persona

2.3 Brainstorming Session

The affinity diagram is a tool used to organize ideas and data. The tool allows large numbers of brainstormed ideas to be sorted into groups and then prioritized through voting.

2.4 User Story

2.5 Task Flow

Scenario 1 : P2P Payment in Chat

Scenario 2 : Buy/Sell Token

Major Screens & Prototype

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