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Comprehensive tool for monitoring activities on the blockchain. It offers features such as real-time wallet activity monitoring, immediate SMS security alerts, human-readable crypto asset reports, and portfolio management tools.

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UX/UI Designer


Design System

Design Token

Design System

The Design System provides a foundation for visual consistency and user experience. It includes the Color System, Typography, Spacing, and Components. This system ensures a cohesive interface design and empowers our teams to create efficient and visually appealing experiences.

Color Palatte

Our design system provides a purposeful set of color styles, including neutral, primary, accent, and feedback colors (e.g., green for success, red for failure).

Color accessibility — WCAG 2.1 Guidelines

A recommended guideline is to maintain a 4:5:1 contrast ratio (WCAG AA) for essential UI elements like text, buttons, and forms. Meeting this requirement ensures sufficient contrast for the majority of users



Design Token

In order to establish a scalable and consistent visual system for UI development, as well as manage visual design attributes in a systematic manner, I collaborated with a designer devise a design token structure for BlockTracer.

Color Token

Radius Token

Space Token


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